Wednesday, February 01, 2006

About Derek Daniels

Somehow in the chaos that is the internet you find your way to my little corner of it, probably because I sent you this link and you felt obliged. Either that or someone else conned you into coming here ^_^

Recently I worked on God of War as one of the two combat designers. Eric Williams was the other and the main driving force that kept us through the late nights, correcting the mistakes before you got to play them and polishing an already well polished main character. Me and him have worked on numerous games before and hopefully will continue to do so.

Besides making games I also enjoy playing them, specifically fighting games. I help run as well as the biggest fighting game tournament in North America - evolution. I have been to Japan to participate in their largest tournament - Super Battle Opera. As well as visiting Korea, Europe and Australia to play some of their top fighting game players.

This blog will probably turn into a discussion of both topics - me making games and me babbling about the more competitive side of them specifically from the fighting game community. Hopefully it will be interesting to more than just me and you will continue to visit. See you next time.

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