Monday, January 26, 2009

Combat Systems

A little over 5 years ago, me and Eric Williams were bored at Border's and discussing the various systems found in fighting games. Specifically Capcom 2D games. We generated a long list of what each game brought to the table for the first time. I was having a problem at work trying to remember how certain games handled things when I stumbled across this. I figured I would post it up, in case anyone else finds it helpful. This is by no means all inclusive or perhaps even accurate. More or less a brain dump we had one evening.

Unfortunately I don't have time to screen cap or vid cap what all of these things are and if you don't follow the Capcom fighting game scene I'm not sure how helpful this will be since there is a lot of jargon but if you have any questions I'll do my best to answer.

Street Fighter 2: World Warrior
Special Moves
Kara Cancel
Negative Edge
Breakable Objects
Bonus Stages
Cross ups
Air Throw
Block Damage

Street Fighter 2: Champion Edition
Button Charging for special moves
Vega's Wall Climb
Get up Animations
Same Player vs. Same Player

Street Fighter 2: Hyper Fighting
Joystick Controllable Movement Specials
Air Special Moves
True Reversals with Specials
Air 2in1's

Super Street Fighter 2
Dizzy particle right away
Text Messages (Combo Meter)
Rekka Ken
DJ's Uppercut Punch
Projectile Absorption

Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo
Throw Techs
1st game with playable hidden character(?)
Character Variants (old vs. new)
Controllable Limbs
Weapon Loss and Pickups
New Joystick Motions - Fei Long, Cammy
Throw Whiffs

Street Fighter Alpha 1
Chain Combos
Alpha Counter
3 Part Super Meter
2 on 1 (Ryu/Ken vs. Bison)
Command Roll
Friends Super
Hit Throw
Rekka Ken Options (Guy)
Character Intros
Rival Fights
Mini Launchers (Rose's Scarf)
Fireball Reflect
Air Block
Block When Landing (Trip Guard)
Auto Block

Street Fighter Alpha 2
Tech Rolls
Custom Combos
Combo-able Alpha Counter (Rose)
Stance Changes
Poison Super
Timed Button Input Specials (Gen's Kick)
2 Hit Air Jumping move (Gen)
Super Jump
Fake Special Moves

Street Fighter Alpha 3
Counter Hits
Air Techs
Every Move Has Potential To Juggle
2 Button Throws
Can Combo After Throw
Guard Crush Meter
Blue Blocking
Damage Reduction
Command Counters (Karin)
Crouch Cancelling
Can Be Thrown While In Block/Hit Stun
OTG Command Grabs
System Variants (X vs. A vs. V)
Command Dash

Capcom Vs. SNK
Prolonging getting up Animation
Command Charging of Meter (S Groove)
Immobilizing Supers (Iori)
Infinite Low Life Supers
Mash Inputs to change animation (Yamazaki)
Bird Interaction (Nakoruru)

Capcom Vs. SNK2
Level 2 Cancels
Low Jump
Just Defend
Command Activate Meter (N Groove)
Counter Roll
Roll Cancelling
Helper (Chang)
Auto Guard

Street Fighter 3 (all of them)
Special Into Super
Parry / Red Parry
Universal Overhead
Variable Supers / Meters
Dizzy Meter
Unblockable supers (Denjin)
EX Specials
Kara Throw

Marvel Series (all of them)
Super Jump
Double Jump / Triple Jump
Flying Screen
Air Combos
Air Dashing
Back/Forward Dashing
Combo Into Throw (Air and Ground)
Super Armor
Vertical Scrolling Stages
Team Supers
Shuma - Super/Eyeballs/Time Gem
Normal Move Projectiles
No Continue If Hit
Block Damage
Status Upgrades
Stealing Of Moves

Darkstalkers (All of them)
9 Supers
Dark Force
No Update On Rounds

2D Misc
Lying Down
Command Dodge
Weapon Clash
Slow Down
Anti Chip Damage
Jump Cancelling
Roman Cancel


Anonymous said...

Nice post.

Should open it up for some wikipedia-style community contributions for definitions/explanations/examples of each to turn this reference into a veritable cheat-sheet.

- Vince N

Nat Loh said...

yeah, I'd like to see a glossary. maybe some community action on SRK's wiki could assemble definitions AND vids.

I'd also be interested in if and how specific systems were used in other games.

x0n said...

strictly speaking, you missed out street fighter 1, which introduced: projectiles, hidden specials (fb,dp,tatsu), bonus stage, 6-button layout (originally was two pressure sensitive k/p), hit-stun, block-stun.

Anonymous said...

nice, u forgot guard break in marvel though

Byron Swain said...

This is really handy. Any chance of expanding it past Capcom?

Stewart Morgan said...

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Trevor Mifsud said...

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Mike Hammer said...

Hello there!
Just wanted to point out - the original Mortal Kombat (1992) featured juggling.

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