Tuesday, January 20, 2009


So I got sick of how everything was looking and decided to update tonight. Not 100% sure this is the final look either, but I like it better than how it was. So we'll see. In the interim, I'll be re-arranging some stuff and re-organizing some stuff. Let me know if you like it!

Was in Madison all of last week working on Wolverine. You may have seen the last issue of EGM ever with it on the cover. The Raven guys have been a blast to work with. Gustavo, who I worked with on God of War 1 is on the game and has been doing a fantastic job. I can't wait for everyone to see some more footage, let alone get their hands on it. I'm sure there will be some exciting things in the months to come.

Have you guys had a chance to play Prince Of Persia yet? I hope so because my next post will probably be about that game; as I think it very well is my personal Game Of The Year. I'll spoil the hell out of it next time I update.


XSPR said...

New site looks good, but I think I actually prefer the old look to be honest. It's the content that matters most, though.

Anonymous said...

Prince of Persia was pretty wonderful. It's only about halfway to a truly casual AAA game, but I'm welcoming that step. The ending is fantastic, and the combat is great when they give you room to use it - unfortunately, the other half of the time you are stuck in a tiny room with QTEs every time anyone touches a wall.

Anonymous said...

not feeling this facelift

Anonymous said...

I'm curious to hear your opinion on Prince of Persia. Especially the combat. I personally didn't like it, especially when my combos got interrupted all the time.