Thursday, May 04, 2006

Pre E3 Babbling

Sorry that I haven't been updating much lately but we have been really busy trying to get the game ready for E3. Last night me, Cory Barlog and Nate sat down to tune most of the battles in the game. This is by far my favorite part of creating a game. Its like up until now we just have a lot of enemies and or events but everything is flat. There is no pacing, no consideration to where you are going to next or where you just came from or anything. So we spent a lot of time placing chests, checkpoints, tuning how frequent the enemies attack, block, what they do when they block, etc. Since this is the first time the public will be able to play God of War 2 - we are going over everything with a finetooth comb. Even though I was exhausted last night as I was driving home I was happy because it finally feels like the game is coming together as a game, not just a bunch of artwork and design ideas thrown together in a room.

Unfortunately I haven't been able to play many games since last time I updated. I tried to play some more Metroid for the DS but that game is evil and doesn't let me save until i get back to my ship. I hate save points, esepcially on handhelds. BTW, does this game have anything to do with Metroid besides the name? Metroid Prime Pinball feels more metroidish then this game.
I have been so busy having tunnel vision with our game that I don't even know what to expect for E3 this year. I kind of like that though - everything will be new and exciting. Although E3 is usually a depressing time - you get to see all these new games and they look great and amazing then you realize you have to go back to work and now work twice as hard. Lots of, 'why didn't we think of that' or, 'damn...that looks good and we are doing something similar so now we have to make ours look even better'.

Oh yeah! So I sent my moms a copy of Brain Training to go along with sending her my DS heavy earlier in the year. I sent her Animal Crossing and while liking it I think she had a hard time with it. Simple game-ism stuff that we take for granted she wasn't grasping very fast. But this game...she hasn't stopped talking about.

I tried to play this game with my girlfriend, let me just tell you she is a cheater being an asian programmer. First time she played she was at 20. It's like...damn, she beat the internet or something.


joey nguyen said...

e3 gow2 footage looks sick, well done man

andrew said...

yo thanks for the game, but it's not autographed! Boo! I want derek and eric's autograph on my game!

Derek Daniels said...


Heap of thanks mate! (my australian slang sucks) Too bad you couldn't make it to E3 to play it yourself.


If you would have stayed put and been in the room when I showed up, maybe I would have signed it. But I was too scared to sign it and have some shiesty IGN'er like Chobot still it ^_^