Sunday, June 04, 2006

MTV, old friends and new friends

Yesterday me and Victor Ratliff aka the worlds sexiest Xmen Vs Street Fighter player headed down to MTV to meet up with a new acquaintance name Dave who I hope turns out to be a friend. Super rad guy and thanks to Ryan Downey for introducing us. MTV is filming for a new videogame show and this was for the pilot they are trying to put together. They asked us to do a lot of silly things - such as showing off your game face. I had my tongue out to the side and they were all, 'whats that?' I couldn't believe they didn't get the Michael Jordan reference. It was fun and who knows what they end up doing with it all, maybe i'll get turned out like my brief appearances in Bang The Machine.

While we were there, ran into another SF player named Rotendo and one of the fragdolls, Brooke.

We all grabbed lunch down in Santa Monica showing her the way to the beach. We got back to MTV in time to see the guys from The Mario Opera which were simply amazing. I had never heard of them before but I wish them the best as they were fantastic!

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Shogo said...

Hey Omni!

Nice meeting you and Vic there!

They made me to a bunch of profile shots and telling me to make a happy game I just passed a really hard level...I had no idea what to do, so I just smiled at the camera...but I think Andrea (John D's gf) had it worse...they told her to face the green wall and do a 180 jump uppercut towards the camera and scream "SHORYUKEN!"


Anyway, 1st time browsing thru ur blog...its very cool!