Saturday, September 23, 2006

Toyota Yaris banner ad minigame

As a fan of videogames as a whole I get excited when I see new areas where games can be found. Last week was the iPod and this week is something new to me at least - Ad Banners.

Even though the Toyota Yaris was involved with the recent success of Evo I somehow completely missed this. They came up with an idea of having a game inside of a normal banner ad that pops up on websites. However the game is multiplayer and it can be played from any website that is displaying the ad banner. So lets say for example this ad was on and i clicked on it and someone else saw the ad on and clicked on it - we would play against one another.

Unfortunately I don't find the game super fun as I think it's a little hard to control. But I really like the idea and look forward to what people do next with this sort of technology.

Here is a direct link to the game itself as I'm not sure if the ad is still in circulation:


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