Monday, October 23, 2006

The end is near....

Or The End Begins depending on your point of view. The God of War 2 team achieved Alpha this past week which is a huge huge step. Although I am completely exhausted I look forward to finishing up the game. We are sort of in the eye of the storm right now though. We just finished doing our big push for Alpha and next will be the big push for Beta. Cory has been posting a ton of great pictures of everyone on the team and an inside look at Sony Santa Monica so make sure to head over to his page to check everything out if you haven't been already.

Enough of all that though. Lets see...I bought some ice cube trays! Yeah...I know my life isn't very exciting but I really do like these:

I also picked up some of the salt and pepper shakers because they looked fun also. Just wait til my next post where I have pictures of dope buildings made out of Lego ice cubes.

Basically this is just a completely random post to let everyone know that I'm still alive. I've been working on a more technical game design post that I'm going to try to put up this week. It's not quite there but hopefully will be before the week is up.

By the way if you own a 360 you should check out the Tony Hawk Project 8 demo. A lot of great people worked really hard on it and it looks to be the best Tony Hawk game in years. A so cal Street Fighter player who used to place top 10 in tournies during HF worked on the new nail-the-trick mode. So yeah try to support everyone on that team because they did an awesome job this year.


Ruben C. said...

Nice post Derek, nice to know you all are almost done with the game. Just a couple of more months. Project 8 looks cool by the way, I think I'll pick it up some day when it comes out on another system, since I don't have a 360. That game does look pretty insane, but not as insane as GOW2 will be when that comes out. That's gonna be a completely different animal.

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