Friday, October 27, 2006

Damage Presentation

When it comes to conveying damage in videogames there are many ways to go about doing it. The most obvious is to show a reaction of the character being in pain, along with some blood and possibly even a screen shake or a controller shake. Depending on the move some slowdowns in good places can really drive it home as well.

The most obvious place after that is with the health bar. Depending on the move and how many times it hits sometimes that can get a little lost if the player is not paying direct attention to the health bar. Some games have tried to compensate this for having a number float off the character indicating how much damage was done. This definitely works for some games better than others.

While playing Street Fighter Alpha 3 the other night at a friend’s house I noticed they do something that helps reinforce how much damage was received. Before we get there though lets take a look at what I consider to be a normal health bar and how the energy is drained.

Now with Street Fighter Alpha 3 (I’m pretty sure this did not start in A3 but this is the game I noticed it so therefore this is the game I’m showing) there is a layered power bar of a different color that lags behind showing the player how much damage they received. This works out especially well for big hitting moves. You think to yourself, ‘damn…my health is still draining!’

Basically the same amount of damage but with the presentation of the layered power bar you really feel like you got hit harder.

Last but not least the damage that is being done doesn’t have to be equally distributed amongst all the hits. While a horrible game, SNK Vs. Capcom they do one really nice thing with Guile’s Flash Kick Super.

The first 3 hits feel EXTREMELY powerful but then the rest looks like normal hits. If you sit and stare at how the whole thing looks then it’s kind of dumb. However when you are playing the game most people either look up at their health bar either right when they get hit or at the end to try to figure out how bad they got hurt.

There are many ways to convey damage and many more ways than my examples of health bars. Virtua Fighter does a really great job also of having 2 different shades of the layered power bar – showing how much the last hit did as well as the overall combo. I couldn’t find a good video showing this so maybe I’ll try to go back and add one. Other games like Tekken Tag where you can regain health also have some really good examples of displaying how much you lost and how much you can regain. In all honesty I could probably write a whole article on just the intricacies of health bars. Maybe some other day.

NOTE: If you are having troubles viewing any of the vids - especially the SvC one, you can find an mpeg version of each here.

Monday, October 23, 2006

The end is near....

Or The End Begins depending on your point of view. The God of War 2 team achieved Alpha this past week which is a huge huge step. Although I am completely exhausted I look forward to finishing up the game. We are sort of in the eye of the storm right now though. We just finished doing our big push for Alpha and next will be the big push for Beta. Cory has been posting a ton of great pictures of everyone on the team and an inside look at Sony Santa Monica so make sure to head over to his page to check everything out if you haven't been already.

Enough of all that though. Lets see...I bought some ice cube trays! Yeah...I know my life isn't very exciting but I really do like these:

I also picked up some of the salt and pepper shakers because they looked fun also. Just wait til my next post where I have pictures of dope buildings made out of Lego ice cubes.

Basically this is just a completely random post to let everyone know that I'm still alive. I've been working on a more technical game design post that I'm going to try to put up this week. It's not quite there but hopefully will be before the week is up.

By the way if you own a 360 you should check out the Tony Hawk Project 8 demo. A lot of great people worked really hard on it and it looks to be the best Tony Hawk game in years. A so cal Street Fighter player who used to place top 10 in tournies during HF worked on the new nail-the-trick mode. So yeah try to support everyone on that team because they did an awesome job this year.