Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Where the hell have I been?

So yeah, I haven't updated for a while. I have been rather busy just trying to enjoy life in general. Life has been heading in crazy directions here lately.

After gow2 finished we got to have some time off to enjoy life. I spent the time trying to learn various things - I bought an electronic keyboard trying to learn how to play the piano a little bit. I suck at trying to read music but some days are better than others. I was doing really well there for a while - playing like 30 minutes every day. However I have been slipping and not playing every day. I kind of hit a mental block with the book that I bought - there is just some weird concept that I can't grasp and there is not enough text explanation to help me through it. I totally don't want to jump to the next section though in fear of not grasping the basics.

I also bought a new camera, a digital SLR. I have been a fan of photography for a while so it was very exciting. Living in LA gives a lot of great opportunities to photograph some amazing things. I have been hitting up the Getty a lot taking pictures of flowers and hitting up some crazy roads, one day there was so much fog that I couldn't even see more than 10 feet in front of me. It was the first time I had driven on that road so it was kind of scary! Like 4000 feet in the air climbing a mountain. I went back the following weekend and it hella wasn't as exciting as that first time, oh well.

I had a birthday, you know it goes. A year older, feel kinda down for a day or two then move on. My mom came out to visit the weekend of my birthday so that was fantastic. I hardly ever get a chance to see my family anymore living 9 billion miles away but it works out. We went to disneyland - she had never been there so that was a lot of fun.

I went back to Nor Cal to visit some friends - specifically John Choi and Seth Killian, 2 people who I have known for like 10+ years I think. While there I also got to meet up with Julien Beasley which was super random but a lot of fun. His mom is french so they were all in town at the French Embassy to vote for their president. We stopped by this cafe where they were and we saw this line of like 500+ french people all standing in the rain waiting to vote. I totally felt like I don't vote enough in America haha.

While I was up there I got to hang out with a lot of other friends and new friends - something that is always fun. You know who you are. I <3 Duy.

So I started playing a game that falls into a genre that I really really fucking hate. I hate turn based combat. I hate collecting. I hate random encounters. I hate games that use day/night simply to make things harder to do. HOWEVER! Dear lord...I can't get enough of Pokemon Diamond for some reason. I don't even know why haha. The game is ugly, slow and hasn't really improved a whole lot since I played it last time which was Blue/Red back in the day. Like I said...I don't know what it is but it's grabbing me this time around.

Oh yeah...so I turned on my 360 to play some SotN (after I had only paid for it) and bam! 3 red rings. It's a launch system, so those sons of bitches don't want to repair it for free. I have even tried calling them 2 different times hoping I would get someone nice who would be a team player but so far I just want to throw the thing out the window. I think I might just buy the retard version and move my harddrive over.


Devin Greer said...

Is the "hug" to make me feel less lonely or for my little review? O_O

Glad you had fun...

So, your 360 is all broke? That sucks, the Microsoftish sons of bitches...


GodModeGOD said...

Vacations..not my thing.

Bad luck with the 360. A pity. I haven't had customer service that was to the point and useful as far as I can recall.

In GoWII, colissions caused by Orion's Harpoon, grapples, knockbacks ,etc. do MORE damage when we are weaker. Can you say what exactly effects them and the reason for this. I like it. On Titan it makes for a great way of handling the the Cerberus Breeder/Fate Juggernaut fight.

Also, the secondary use for Orion's Harpoon isn't really common knowledge as it isn't discussed anywhere I've seen. (hold "O" instead of pressing it for certain light enemies) It even has two versions of itself. One that swings/tosses enemies *which is GREAT* and another for finesse play where enemeis get pulled back into grapples. I just found it strange that it seems to have been treated like an Easter Egg for the hardcore to PWN with. More for us I guess.

Myself and Shinobier have 1UP'd the guy on your team who did a Titan Mode NUR. Once with a Titan Mode NUR+ (no magic/health upgrades) and second time in a General Kratos : Titan Mode : No Update Run (GK:TM:NUR) It was the 'colission' damage and Orion's Harpoon that became our greatest strength in that set-up. Though there were a lot of other exploits to use involving the environment and sub-weapons.

EX: At the place where you fight the Kraken (earlier) you fight 2 Cyclops Brutes at a time. (4 total) I'v found that you can lure them (make them sprint) into falling to their death by getting them right behind you in chase then making a dive for the platform that used to have 4 flame jets shooting out from it.

I love exploiting but sadly I was unable to harnass "Homerun" in any of its 3 forms in GoWII. You guys already confirmed the "High Jump" was removed to my dismay as it was the first thing I was going to use to reach the Urn of Gaia in my demo way back when.

~At least the 999,999 hits combo I nabbed first earned me a free copy of the GOW PSP demo for the future amirite?

---It took a while but many people have learned GREAT respect for the Barbarian Hammer..its power is incredible. What was your favorite sub-weapon again? Sorry for the long post but I had a lot to say since I hadn't spoken with you since that one site I can't remember the name of now.

sean said...

they mentioned your blog in EGM magazine. i only knew of cory's and david's blog. well now i have three god of war people's blog to read.

Derek Daniels said...

Sean: For reals? Crazy. Thanks to whoever put it in there.

godmodegod: glad to see you found the hold down circle on the enemies. There are a lot of questions, i'll get to them later, i promise.

devin: yeah it broke...bitches.

Kevin S. said...

That's the main reason why I don't have a 360 yet. lol

Aww man, can't wait for this saturday to grab my special edition God of War 2. I'm gonna be all weekend stuck to the TV. Maybe I can get some dualshcok adapter so I can feel the rumble on the PS3.

GodModeGOD said...

Until then..I would have divided the questions between you and Eric but I believe his blog said he was on vacation.