Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Interesting look at Star Wars Galaxies from an insider

So I know nothing about this game what so ever aside from what friends have told me about it.  All I really remember was a lot of drama about who could be a Jedi and what it took to be one. Plus compared to WoW every MMO seems like a failure to me so I don't know if it really was or not. However I stumbled across this and found it an interesting read.

Ruben Field has this to say:
"So we were given the directive to make Galaxies better.

Not just make Galaxies better, but make it succesful. Not the 200k subs it had, but really succesful. The idea was that we had the most valuable IP in the entire world, and we fucked it up to the point of having 200k subs."

Like I said - I gots no real knowledge on this game, had to look up what in the world NGE (New Game Enhancement) even meant but I found it an interesting read.  Not often do you find such a detailed look at what went wrong with a game.  

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