Saturday, September 20, 2008

Beasting The Daigo Is Super Simple

I really hate to 'link and run' but this video is pretty damn epic to say the least. My friend BAS sent it to me this morning and at first I didn't pay any attention to the song but then realized it was a 10 minute song about the Legendary Daigo. I asked BAS what the end says - he says something like, 'We didn't see you at SBO2008 - we missed you and please come back." Something along those lines.

It's fun to see Daigo over the past 10 years - from coming to America for the first time to play Alpha 3 with all of us. To watching him play Darkstalkers which I heard he was super good at but never really followed to be honest. All the way through CvS2, Guilty Gear, ST and 3rd Strike. It's been a fun 10 years to say the least.


tsenzen said...

... wow..

i remember Umehara's vampire vids were the only source for high end combos at the time.

kaetru said...

I feel the need to inform being moderately capable of understanding japanese. It is not a song composed from scratch for him, but rather a parody compromised of songs from all over japanese culture, some recognisable like Hare Hare Yukai and some obscure such as Chiaki's uninstall.

The lyrics are resung in a comical perspective which makes fun of daigo's rhetorical invincibility, Uninstalls original lyric sheet being about being unable to understand existence and in this case being replaced with being unable to understand how to get through Daigo's shit.

Another funny part that warrents a translation is the part which comes from the 'I cannot defeat Airman' song you can probably find lying about, the original song having stuff about being unable to beat his tornado/tatsumaki.

In this context, its usage implies the tatsumaki in SF as well.

Its a very funny and cleverly done parody. Someone needs to sub it, my japanese is subpar.