Wednesday, November 12, 2008

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A few projects that I've been involved with here recently have been released so I figured why not spread the Derek love today.

I did a podcast with Victor 'Dogface' Radliff the other night with Gootecks - a famous Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike player and now an up and comer in the world of SF4. You can find the podcast here. It was a lot of fun and hopefully you guys will find it fun as well. Note for those that visit my blog about videogame design and stuff - this is purely Street Fighter.

For those of you who do visit here for videogame design - then you may be interested in this:

This book written by Steven Swink can be found here at Amazon.

Steve came into LA a while back to interview me for the book - which talks about 'feel' in videogames, something that definitely piqued my interest. If you pick up the book and look at the book - I have this lovely quote:

"Steve has demystified what separates good games from great games, in a way that everyone can understand. Steve has written the very first book that deconstructs and examines the concept of why certain games feel better than others. Have you ever wondered why a simple action such as jump feels different in all video games? So has Steve, who has explored this and other actions to help everyone create better video games."

So go out there and support Ryan 'Gootecks' Gutierrez and Steve Swink since they are awesome people.


Anonymous said...


Loved your pod cast with Vic. Only thing is you guys didn't mention me quite enough.

BTW congrats on your success in the gaming industry!

Neil "CigarBoB" Atkin

Anonymous said...


Eric Holmes said...

Looks good! Just ordered on Amazon.

Ben said...

I've been reading the book... it started off well, but then chapters 3-5 so far have seemed a lot like retreading the same stuff in the first two chapters without really adding anything. Some of it's been interesting, but I dunno if I feel like the later chapters are worth it. Maybe I'll post a note once I finish the book.

Havokmon said...

Dude, is that a monitor on your STOVE?!?