Saturday, April 15, 2006

random musings

Sorry that I haven't been able to update much here lately. We (as in the GoW2 team) have been working nonstop for E3.

The few free hours I've had I've been trying to play some of the 10,000 games that have been coming out. When did March become the new Christmas anyways? I stole that line from James Chen who should have his own blog. I should post his phone number on here so everyone could call him and tell him so.

Anyways, I picked up Tetris for the DS. I played online a few times which was pretty fun. I played once against someone named, 'Kratos' which made me laugh. Too bad Nintendo won't let me use the microphone thats built into the DS to talk to the person I'm playing against.

Also picked up Metroid for the DS. I am one of the weak humans who can't play FPS -- I get dizzy for some reason. If there is a character on the screen to stare at, doesn't happen but take that away and I need some dramamine. However Metroid for the DS doesn't really do that to me, which has made me want to play the game even more. However...that first level is HORRIBLE!! At first I thought it was just my inexperience with FPS's but I would enter a room and there would be 2 doors (the door I came in and the door i need to go out) and after shooting some enemies I would be turned around as to which door was which. I would go through one and see a curved hallway so I would go back into the room and try the other door and I would see a curved hallway that looked the exact same. I think I'll keep playing it though. Maybe one of these days I'll try online for it when my girlfriend isn't owning up the DS with Animal Crossing.

Speaking of DS - I really want a DS Lite.

Downloaded that Tomb Raider demo for the 360. I won't lie, I had a lot of fun. Everytime a new Tomb Raider comes out I get all excited about how this one won't suck and for the first time I think this one won't suck! There were a few things I didn't like about the demo - mostly the controls such as tapping R1 to grab onto an object and tapping R1 to release holding onto the object. I wish they would have just done hold down R1 the entire time. Oh well. There are a few really good things in their controls though when you are platforming. They have this mechanic when you are doing the ledge shimmy you press Y rhythmically to move faster. It takes what is usually a boring a slow/boring mechanic and keeps it interactive for the player. Well done.

Finally got around to playing Ghost Recon for the 360 also. I have never played any of those Tom Clancy games before, I love how that man has a whole genre - buff. Anyways since I never played any of those games before I didn't know what to expect. I hella didn't expect to have Geometry Wars rendered on top of the game but I gotta admit that calling a Black Hawk to shoot fools down is pretty damn entertaining.

I don't know why anyone wants replayability in their games, I can't even play all the damn games that are out right now. I'm still trying to finish up Daxter on the psp and I have yet to play Syphon Filter, open up MegaMan Powered up or even buy Oblivion. I love how people complain about how games are only 10-12 hours. At this point I wish all games were like 7 hours. I want to get in, experience it and get out.

I don't know if it's cause we are in LA or what, but a favorite guilty pleasure of many of us here on the GoW team is celebrity gossip. When a new issue of US arrives, we all take turns reading it. We've also been reading Pink Is The New Blog. Keeps me entertained when I'm here nonstop.

Speaking of entertainment, is everyone watching The 1up show? Its my new favorite thing and I've been going back and watching all the episodes during dinner time here at work.

Last but not least I'll leave everyone with a video someone sent me when I posted about Brice the blind Mortal Kombat player. Here is a video of him versus the game's creator - Ed Boon.


Anonymous said...

So the video of the blind kid playing MK was amazing.

In particular, the way that program covered it. Fun to watch and not layered with sterotypes *cough* G4/Spike TV *cough*

22 and 3!

I wish I knew what the champion said at the end of the clip when he was defeated. If I find out, I'll let you know... if you're interested.


Anonymous said...

stop blaming me take away DS from you! I just need to maintain my town once a day, not too long.