Sunday, April 23, 2006

'why did it have to be tanks?!'

So this has been a weird week. Started off with me getting older (emphasize on old these days) then woke up on Wednesday morning in more pain than I have been in my life. It all started off with a pain in my side at 5 a.m. and the thought I should just roll over. The pain didn't go away and became so unbearable that I had to wake my girlfriend up. Since we just recently moved to this area we had no idea where a hospital was. Finally getting to the hospital and feeling the closest to death I ever have - being in a wheelchair with a blanket wrapped around me as i get wheeled to the xray machine. Turned out I had a kidney stone (i thought only old people got those?? grr) which lasted all day wednesday and most of thursday.

On the plus side, my girlfriend got a DS Lite (white) on friday. That thing is indeed sexy. They changed the 'feel' of the buttons and the dpad, for the better I think. The strap did drop that weird thumb thing that I think only James Chen uses. Oh and the power supply is different from the GBA SP/DS and the gameboy micro. Cause seriously, this is what I need in life - another power supply dangling from a wall. Speaking of DS - Mario Kart DS got added to evo this year. Oh you know it, the 'kids' are going crazy over having something new added.

So as I was slowly waking up from death this weekend i tried to play some Call Of Duty 2 on the 360 that I've had forever. I don't know why I bought it - I got caught up in the hype of it being the killer app to own/show off for the 360 but also I met a few of the guys from Infinity Ward and figured I would support them. Rumor has it that they have an Alpha 3 cabinet there and they are close to where I live so maybe I'll get in contact with them to play one of these days. The game starts off with my favorite part of World War 2 - the russians beating the germans due to their winter. Maybe it's because I'm from the midwest and our winters are no joke either.

So the game starts off and i'm like, 'wow - this is one of the most amazing games I've ever played'. Then I stop being the russians :( whack. So then I gotta be the british and I can't even discern the badguys from my teammates immediately and I have a shitty gun. whatever, i'm still having decent fun. Then...they put me in a damn tank!! Maybe thats what the 'kids' want but damn you all to hell for making me drive a tank. Reminded me of when I was having fun playing Ratchet & Clank then they made me race a car...and get 1st. Grr. I'm done with the tank mission at least and I'll keep playing it - but another tank...and ggpo to COD2.


joey nguyen said...

damn, hope you get better soon foo.

p.s. i told you being vegetarian was unhealthy.

Anonymous said...

The tanks were okay, but the fucking turret at the end of the campaign was a bitch. I fucking hated that. There aren't any vehicles in the US campaign though, so be happy! The D-Day scenario is one of the coolest things ever


Anonymous said...

IW having Alpha 3 machine is true. They had a company tournament few months ago. I wonder which IW guys you've spoken to...

I personally didn't like how the game started as Russians. Tank missions weren't as fun as COD1. I do like COD2 MP better than COD1. Thanks for enjoying my game!

I came across your blog today and been enjoying reading it. Keep up the good work.

- Hyun

Derek Daniels said...


I met Mackey...I think that is his name. It was at a bar in Santa Monica one night.

I never played COD1 before so I don't have much experience comparing the games to each other but I've been enjoying playing MP what free time I have.

Thanks for the response and keep up the good work on making great games.