Saturday, January 27, 2007

Hibernation is over

Quietly about 6 months ago we just put our heads down and worked nonstop on God of War 2. While there are a handful of things left to finish up the end is completely within grasp and I feel like when a bear wakes up from hibernation. I'm starting to see the sun again, leave work at a normal hour, starting to eat healthier and hell, I even went running the past couple of days trying to work this crunch weight off.

The insanity of this project came with a lot of laughs though, I can't lie. Such terrible ideas as, 'babies by may' and 'pancakes and pie' where all we did was go to those old people restaurants for lunch such as denny's, carrow's, coco's, norm's, marie callendar's, etc and just ate nothing but obscene amounts of breakfast food then finished it off with dessert. Which is why I need to start running again. Watching Eric/Todd battle over the norm's breakfast challenge and Eric getting hives immediately although was fucked up, was pretty damn funny at the same time.

So now I need to figure out how to rejoin life - how to interface with my girl again (I don't know why but that totally feels like a Sirlin line right there), how to eat healthier, enjoy the small things and even get back to playing games. I haven't touched Zelda since November so I'm hoping it will be easy to get back into. I have a stack of games all in shrinkwrap that I would love to start playing as well - such as Lost Planet, Call of Duty 3, Tony Hawk Project 8, Hotel Dusk, etc. I also have a few books that I want to catch up - I recently got Geek Mafia which was written by a Game Designer.

Speaking of Game Designers - what is arguably one of the best threads ever on SRK is going on - one of the designers from Street Fighter The Movie is talking about making the game and what not. Definitely worth checking out - click here to go to the link. For some reason I can totally relate to this guy. Him and the peeps making Ghost Rider.

Young NKI is in LA this week, so i'm going to try to hang out with him. It's funny - now almost everyone I grew up playing SF with in the midwest is gone. Even Seth Killian is in Nor Cal wearing big boy clothes working for Capcom. It's like our little community of players who set out to take over the world are slowly doing it. Proud of all y'all.

Time to go do some 'normal' things that i've been neglecting to do - get a haircut, fix my glasses, get my car washed, etc.


Max A said...

Hope your doing good.


Ryan J. Downey said...

Welcome back, fool! We have to hang. NO, but, actually. For reals.

Kevin S. said...

The hard work has ended at last, and I'm sure something great will come out of it. God of War is just incredible, a masterpiece of game, I'd say.

I'm from a independant gaming publication in Spain, and I've been following the development of the game, reading all the teams blogs. It's just and amazing work that you all do, and hardly ever get the deserved "reward". People don't realise the amount of work that's behind a videogame. That's why I'll make sure that in my publication, it's the team that get's the attention, not the publisher.

Anyway, I can't wait to get my hands on the game. I can be sure it's gonna get me stuck to my PS2 for a looong time. The battle scenes are just awesome.

I wish you guys the best luck, and hope you can enjoy the real life now. You deserve it. Maybe one day in the future, I visit the studios, and we get to meet. Who knows? LOL

Best regards from Europe, speccialy from Spain. ;)

Devin Greer said...

Good news for you guys... Well, since you don't get too many comments, I was wondering if you could answer something for me. Nothing too deep, I hope... What is it that you do for the game? I heard you do combat related stuff, but what exactly? Anyway, I love the new stuff being released about the game, it looks amazing.

Derek Daniels said...

Thanks everyone! I haven't had a chance to look at my blog in a minute so some of the comments I'm just now catching up with.

Downey - hugs for miles.

Kevin - If you ever make your way to LA, definitely stop by. We would love to have you come and check everything out.

Devin - Yeah, i'm not quite the comment creating machine that the Balrog is but it's cool. He's much better at being the poster boy for gow than me. You remember in school and there was always like that kid who was hella smart and also a great athelete and also dated the prom queen? Basically anything they tried to do they excelled at and everyone loved them? Thats Cory.

The combat team is made up of 4 people - me, Eric Williams, Jason McDonald and Adam Puhl (we pulled in the Puhl who's last sting was on Mortal Kombat Shaolin Monks). Our team is very very collaborative - we talk together about everything we do. So it's very hard to say this person came up with this idea or whatever because we are all contributing. That being said it breaks down a little into something like this:

Eric - Kratos
Me - Creatures/Bosses
Adam - Creatures/Bosses
Jason - Creatures/Bosses

It's way more complicated than that but that is the simplified version.

Kevin S. said...

Derek - Are you talking seriously? That would be a dream come true. haha Would they just let me in, or do I have ask Sony first?

Maybe I'll go this year to the E4A, since I'm not invited to the new E3 event. :sad: And if not, well maybe next year.

By the way, is the same team going to develope the (future) God of War 3? Yeah, I know it's just a concept, but hey, I wouldn't mind seeing GoW on PS3! lol

Thanks for answering, I really appreciate it.

Once again. best reagrds from Spain. ;)