Monday, June 18, 2007

It's pronounced "COE-ven", man. What else could it be pronounced?

First let me say thanks to everyone who posted and or sent me an email. Really does mean a lot, I swear. Even if I suck and never respond or write anyone back haha.

So life has definitely taken an interesting turn since I quit Sony. For one reason or another, I don't feel 100% comfortable in saying where I am or what I'm doing, but lets just say I'm now working for a Publisher and I help out where I can on projects. It's fun because I'm seeing new things all the time.

Right now it's a really exciting change of pace - instead of being so completely focused on one thing - I can sort of take a step back and look at multiple projects. God of War 1 was 3 years in development, part 2 was 2 years in development. Doing the same thing for that long can kind of get to you - or I should say it got to me, haha. I'm sure what ever that team is working on next, it will be amazing though.

So a funny thing happened during my first trip to a developer, not only did they discuss God of War but they also loaded up a video to show me something and it happened to be Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks, a game that I had worked on briefly and I do mean briefly. It was really the love child of John Edwards and Adam Puhl though so that part made me feel good. It's rather funny - when we were all at Paradox we had no idea if we were any good at making games or not. Since those days I think we have proven ourselves and may even be a little bit unique in the industry as a whole.

Going to leave you with this little gem:


Adam Puhl said...

Derek, you made me feel proud and made me literally LOL after watching that video. Thanks for fixing my day! (flat tire and traffic as i left from work today) We're missing you here but excited about the impact you are making out there. See ya at lunch


Anonymous said...

I don't know dude, I still think Adam Puhl and John Edwards are hacks.

John Edwards

omar kendall said...

Who said they weren't?

Devin Greer said...

Shit... The sheer purposefulness of that video made it completely and utterly hilarious. Ah...

So you're not working on anything specific right now? Well, when you are, tell us about it, and maybe I'll check it out. ;)

-Devin Greer

Stephen Kleckner said...

Well...coke is top tier.

Devin Greer said...

Derek, I saw this video and laughed my ass off. As someone who worked on God Of War II, I'm sure this thing will be fucking hilarious to you. Please take the time to watch it and tell me what you think.

-Devin Greer

Candice said...

Missin' you, Sir. <3