Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Catching up

Sorry I haven't posted in forever, just been really busy with the new job and all. I feel like I get more done during an 8 hour day then I ever did on God of War. One of the worst things about working crunch so damn much is that you push off work into later in the day because you know you will still be there.

Enough of that though - everyone should vote for God of War 2 at the G-Phoria awards. Head on over to Eric's blog to check out the links. Mostly because I'm too lazy to copy and paste all of that.

Life has been going well - E3 sucked but whatever. The only part I got to visit was one of the hotels here in Santa Monica - the Shutters. Had the Capcom, THQ and SOE booths if I'm not mistaken. Was pretty damn depressing to say the least.

BUT! I did get to hang out with a lot of friends, so that was awesome. Ran into Jane who thought it was a good idea to hop into the ocean after we had $28 worth of mojitos (in case you are wondering...that is only 2 drinks total, welcome to so cal hotels bitches). With all of her clothes on I might add. To say that there was a lot of sand in Seth's hotel room after the 3 of us walked around is an understatement.

Also ran into Ryan, Cesar, Jason and Patrick of the Ziff Davis / 1up family. Met up with them and had some drinks later on that night. Was all of them plus me, eric and nate from sony santa monica and a bunch of other really random people - nothing but good times though. Hopefully we can do it again soon without having to wait another year.

Prior to that hung out with the Destructoid family and they really are a family. Like 900 deep to every bar that we went to. If you are reading this Alex - hit me up.

Totally off subject but I found this thing on the internet today talking about the colors used in movie posters and comparing them to the top 5 grossing films of each rating - R, PG13, etc. Pretty interesting in all honesty, can take a look here

Also does anyone know what this is from? I had never seen it before until last weekend when I was looking up something completely not related:

Totally seems like a commercial or something but I can't imagine Sony's marketing department being that cool (aside from the people who do the Bravia commercials which are amazing) so maybe it's just some bored kid. Either way I'm a huge fan.

Last but not least...I sold out and picked up an iPhone. For those who claim it offers nothing new to the smartphone world (in fact...I think it's the first smartphone that's actually useable) then all I can say is that it succeeds much how WoW brought nothing new compared to EQ, Guitar Hero over Guitar Freaks, etc.

P.S. Congrats to Hevad from SRK/Evo for placing #6 in the World Series of Poker!!! Save that money fool!!


eric williams said...

Dear Derek,

Stop hitting the plant water so much sir...


Derek Daniels said...

HAHA - so let me explain this story for those who weren't there.

When Todd Piperi decided to leave SCEA we all went to Cheesecake Factory for lunch that day. On the way we were talking about what we were going to drink and Todd is all, 'Lets get Mojitos!!' The rest of us (me, nate and adam - eric doesn't drink) were all, 'umm..ok'.

So we show up and order the mojito's and once they arrive - Todd starts freaking out. He's all, 'why are there so many plants in here?' Then as he is drinking it he's all, 'this fucking tastes like plant water'

Turns out Todd had never had a mojito before but for some reason he thought they would be good.

Anonymous said...

They ARE delicious you loser!

John Edwards

Alan Noon said...

That video was from the Shadow of the Colossus viral campaign. there were a number of other vids and fake articles related to giant fossils around the release of that game.