Saturday, July 21, 2007

Playing To Win now free!!

David "Combo Maniac" Sirlin AKA David "Low Strong" Sirlin aka David "The Robot" Sirlin has posted his great, 'Playing To Win' book online, free for everyone (although you lazy bastards should really donate!)

It's a great read and I cannot recommend it enough. In fact the entire Combat Team on God of War 2 were required to read it before finishing the game. Not only did the Combat Team read it but so did a lot of the Level Designers!

Click here to pick it up.


Thomas Grové said...

I prefer David "Sirlin" Sirlin.

Devin Greer said...

Did you check out that video I posted? Hm, what do you mean that WoW brought nothing new, compared to EverQuest? In terms of game play or what? And what are those ruins in that video? I'm confused, heh.....