Sunday, April 27, 2008

New appreciation of LA

First of all I definitely suck since I really had the best of intentions to post more often. Sometimes life just gets in the way.

So let's see what has been going on? I finally beat Devil May Cry 4 - yeah I know I suck for taking forever to beat that as well. Definitely not a bad game but I'm not sure if it's as good as DMC3. DMC3's combat system was able to sustain that whole game. While Nero is awesome I'm not really sure if I could have played all 20 missions with just him. Although Dante really added nothing new to the game he was a good break up. Playing the same enemies with both really highlighted the different playstyles with both. Nero controls space soooo differently from Dante (Trickster being the closest to playing as Nero) that they really feel like 2 different characters. I rarely used the guns with Nero and with Dante I use the guns nonstop. Aside from the game breaking down here and there (fuck a bunch of their routing) and having to play the bosses 3 times I really enjoyed it.

Next on my list is Conan. I remember playing the demo but I'm gong to give the whole game a chance. Something to kill some time with before GTA comes out I guess. I still haven't decided which system to buy it on. Knee jerk is to buy it on 360 and even though it's not - GTA really feels like a Playstation franchise to me. I hella doubt I ever finish the game so the idea of DLC doesn't really appeal to me and I'm still on the fence about GTA Multiplayer. Shrug - we'll see I guess.

On a personal level life has been really hectic here lately. 2 friends of mine from Nor Cal came down to LA to hang out. We all ended up going to a Korean booking club which is umm...interesting haha. It's sort of like the Korean version of speed dating. The girls get in for free where (these are normal girls, not some scandalous girls hired for the club) as the guys have to pay for a table. The table usually comes with a bottle of alcohol and some random food like fruit to eat. The table isn't cheap either (the amount of money paid that night was obscene). The guys sit down and tell the waiter what kind of girls they like - short hair, long hair, blah blah. Then the waiter goes and find the girls on the dance floor or whatever and brings them to your table. The girls usually stay for a few minutes - have a shot, talk about whatever then take off or stick around. Basically the guys and girls get to meet a lot of people in a short amount of time. I guess it's something you gotta experience.

My parents were in town not too long ago as well. We were supposed to visit Nor Cal but couldn't do to a lot of random reasons. Ended up going to Sea World in San Diego - I had never been there before. Not too bad at all. Visited a lot of new places in LA that I had never been before such as the Bergamont Station in Santa Monica, the Greystone Mansion in Beverly Hills where like EVERY movie is filmed. The list was ridiculous - blood will tell, ghostbusters, spiderman3, witches of eastwick, x-men, etc. Unfortunately you can't go inside the house but the grounds are pretty nice to walk around. Also visited the Will Rogers state park not to mention the LA Zoo.

I'll try my best to update more often these days.


Jessenitus said...

Stop playing so much GTA4 and update your blog dagnabbit. I didn't even know you lived out in LA now. -Jesse

Nicola said...

Thank you for reviving good old memories