Friday, May 23, 2008

I suck at this whole updating thing

So yeah I haven't updated in like 900 years so I figured I better do it now before another 900 years go by.

Iron Man came out and was rather entertaining. Sorta felt like 14 small different pieces placed next to one another but the 14 small pieces were all well done that I didn't care a whole lot. I ended up watching it twice in the movie theater and one of the things I realized on the 2nd viewing was that this film and the 2nd Marvel movie coming out this summer (Hulk) both have the same 'bad guy'. The bad guy in both movies is basically a variation of the hero in the movie. Not sure if it means anything - just something I noticed.

I really need to go back to playing GTA. Ohh! I never updated with my hatred for this game. HAHA - not really the game - but the initial experience was terrible. Someone had it at work so I borrowed it during lunch time and played it on the 360. After like 20 or 30 minutes I turned it off with the intention of buying it. The people I go to lunch with are all about multi player games on the PS3 so I decided to pick up on the PS3. I bought a PS3 at launch so I have a launch 60 gb - in case you can guess where this story is going. I loaded it up and paused it to grab laundry or something menial and when I came back like 5 minutes later the game grashed on me. No big deal - I load it back up and it won't load the saved game that I had. So I read online and there are all these crazy snake oil solutions which I try - deleting the install, deleting the saved game, etc. So I re-install and play the game for about 2 hours having fun. Turn it off to eat dinner or whatever and turn it back on - and of course it won't load up. I just ejected it and took it back to Best Buy and exchanged it for the 360 version.

So I get home with the 360 version and start the game back up but this is like...the 4th or 5th time I have seen this damn beginning and I can't really take it anymore. I turned it off and play it from time to time but I really need to get back to it. BTW - the melee in this game is absolutely fucking terrible. The counter system feels wretched. Please rockstar - poach someone who has a clue before doing the next game. Make sure whoever you poach brings an animator with them as well.

Since leaving Sony Santa Monica I've been working at Activision in their Central Design department. We sort of take a look at every game that Activision puts out and try to help where we can. The first game that I focused a lot of time on when I got there is about to come out - Kung Fu Panda!! The demo is on Xbox Live and it's worth checking out. It's a kid's game for sure but I am pretty proud the way the game came out. I wasn't part of the team so to speak so my involvement was very hands off compared to previous games and the team (luxoflux) did an amazing job on it. I think it might be the best looking kid's game I've ever seen - the art is fantastic.

Oh yeah - Guitar Hero 4 got announced! I can't wait til you guys get to check out the drum kit for this game. It's soooo nice! I know I know - a lot of you have been bashing it for 'copying' rock band but trust me on this one. I'll try to post up more when I can but it's such a huge title with tons of stuff that can't be talked about so we'll see.

When I was in Shanghai I did what all good American's do and bought some bootleg DVD's. I picked up Six Feet Under because I had never seen it. While I was amazed at the cost ($2 at the most if i remember right) the quality has been pretty damn bad. I've been really enjoying it but I think I'm going to netflix the rest.

I'm getting up early tomorrow morning to go watch Indiana Jones at the bridge here in LA. They have a 'director's hall' with reserved seating and all that stuff. It is slowly turning into my favorite movie theater in LA. Not to mention it's also the closest to me since I moved.

Have a good memorial weekend everyone.

OH!! I'm SUUUUUUPER excited about the new capcom game - Capcom vs. Tatsunoko. Yeah - I don't recognize half the characters either but I'm super Japan felt the same way when they first saw Xmen vs. Street Fighter. The peeps in the know say this is the tag team and basically MvC3. I am calling right now - this game will be better than Street Fighter 4.

What a strange year 2008 will be. Street Fighter has gone from being basically the equivalent of Star Trek (something everyone on the planet knows but no one cares about) to having 3 great games coming out. HD Remix will be awesome, SF4 hopefully will be great and now this crazy Tatsunoko game. A good time to be a fan for sure.


Nat said...

CvT >>> SF4 When I saw those characters I just said "THAT is how you do your characters!" I really wish they would just run SF4 in 3d but make it play 2d and key frame every freaking frame of animation like it should be.

omar kendall said...

I've heard everyone going bananas about CvT while bashing SF4 at the same time. I like them both.

They just had another SF4 location test here in Osaka, which I'm sure you've heard about. I only played once, with Blanka. He still sucks. There was a girl Goh player with 3000 wins and 3000 losses in the arcade, though, so I played some VF. She destroyed me like an adult playing a child.

Maj said...

Twitter? Really? I hope you don't think those count as updates. Double you thirty-four kay.


My brother was watching some documentary about Larry Bird yesterday, and it said he's from French Lick, Indiana. Aren't you from that state? Do you know Larry Bird? If so, can you get him to autograph something for me? Like maybe his shoe. You might have to steal his shoe to make that effort amount to something.

Also i noticed you haven't talked about how George Lucas broke your heart again with Indiana Jones 4. I'd feel bad for you but in all fairness he did provide fair warning when he ruined Star Wars three times in a row. Your own fault for trusting that rat bastard again.

Ok fine i do feel bad for you, but only cuz you're my friend.

- Maj

whiskeypail said...

remind me to show you my tatsunoko art book i picked up in japan without even knowing wtf the game was about. their style is excellent.