Saturday, June 07, 2008

God Of War 2 Combo Video

Combo Maniacs (tm) Majestros and Magnetro came out of the woodwork with what may be one of their best videos ever. Of course I'm biased since it's based on a game that I poured my heart and soul into but the creativity and the editing on this thing is some of the best I have ever seen them do.

Check out Magnetro's Page where a higher quality version can be found.

Check out the Transcription explaining what is going on with every combo.

Check out Majestros' page of his craziness.

Last but not least thanks to SleazyC from GAF for posting this on Vimeo and letting me jack it without asking first ^_^

The last combo is INSANE!!!


Xenozip. said...

I have both games and never played either one, which is kind of sad. I guess now I should finally play it, then rewatch the video.

tsenzen said...

brings a tear to my eye..

Anonymous said...

God Of War is one of my favorite button mashers, great vid!

Anonymous said...

I must say, that is pretty wonderful. GOW2 definitely deserved to have a combo video made of it, and the game is so cinematic that Maj's trademark perfectionist approach really pays off.

Fun fact: In the Urn combo where he says "I am the god of war!" this is a random quote he says about 1/3 of the time. Maybe they just got lucky on the first try, but I doubt it. :-P

magnetro said...

@ /\


Maj said...

What Magnetro is trying to say (with his trademark social grace) is that he created the vast majority of the content in this video. Apart from providing a few clips and nitpicking some of the editing as the project neared completion, i really didn't contribute much. Plus i don't have the video editing skills necessary to cut together something this polished.

Also that voiceover isn't actually in the game. Magnetro got it from Kratos' opening dialogue and added it to the combo clip. I think it blended in pretty well cuz when i first saw it, i was fooled too.

- Maj