Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Dear Sony - Please update your PS1 games on the PS Store

So last night I turned on the old BBQ to play some Conan (more on that after I beat it...) and of course I had to update the damn thing. While I am sick of pointless updates I hit OK and agreed to the 1.1 user agreement (don't they need to update that thing one of these days?). After the update I decided to hit up the PS store since I never use that thing.

I got all excited since I've been playing my PSP here lately (the 2nd syphon filter game if anyone is curious) and thought maybe I'll grab some new PS1 games to put on the PSP. While I am excited for R-TYPES (seriously - who came up with this name? Terrible) I'm so fucking sick of seeing the same 9 games that filled up the PS1 section for the last 12 years. I get it - Jet Moto and Crash 2 are good games but damn I swear these are the only games that have been on sale in Best Buy and now online for what feels like over a decade.

Quickly scanning the 21 titles for sale (exhausting...I know) it's obvious the majority of the library is limited to Sony titles. However with stuff like Tekken 2 and Symphony of the Night (something I did buy and played through like 3 times on a trip to Shanghai) it gives me hope that maybe some more are coming. But damn...when!?!? Where is Tobal 2, Final Fantasy, Tekken 3, Street Fighter Alpha 3, Metal Gear, etc? I'm sure there is probably some problem with games that had multiple discs but if the PSP scene can figure out a solution then I'm sure you guys can also.

While I'm on the subject of PSP - seriously STOP PORTING PSP GAMES TO PS2!! Ratchet - Size Matters on the PS2 is a mess.


Anonymous said...

TOBAL 2!! I think we spent like 120 bucks for the import back in the day. I love that damn game.


Adam Puhl said...

Well japanese PSN is doing it right.

Einhänder, Xenogears, Astronaka, Rakugaki Showtime, Raystorm and Fighters' Impact

Derek Daniels said...

Damn...The Jpnese store does sound way better!

I'm officially jealous now.

omar kendall said...

WTB - GOW: CoO on the PS2.

Also, I wouldn't buy any of those games Adam mentioned. Fighters' Impact? Are you serious?

Lee said...

I got tired of waiting for Sony to release more games, so I put my own games on the PSP by myself.

Sony was a bit careless, leaving it so that about 90% of Playstation games can be converted to a playable format on the PSP with ease.

I'm not sure if the method is technically legal, but I'm doing it with games I already owned in the first place anyway.

I also do not like all the ports from PSP to PS2. It's a miracle this game system stays afloat, since marketing for the PSP has been very poor, since Day 1.

--Lee is Still Gaming. It's like a nut you can play with... outside.