Wednesday, June 25, 2008

HD Remix - 1st day of release video

This video is brought to you by Neil 'CigarBob' Atkin. I've known Neil for about 12 years now. We first met via AGSF2 and me sending him a B3 tape on VHS and him sending me some 2nd Impact footage from Southern Hills Golfland that Eddie Lee went to. Over the years me and him exchanged a lot of videos and a lot of excuses (oh man - the package got returned, wrong address - my bad!') but I still heart the Neil. While I am sad that he didn't send me this video in the mail I'm glad that it does exist.

I'm not sure if that is Neil's laugh or not but that very well may be the best laugh on the planet.

NOTE: To be fair to Sirlin this juggle with Ken has been removed for a while. Made it into the beta though. Don't expect this to be in the final version that comes out.


Nat said...

quintuple shoryukens? that ain't right!

Neil said...


Thank you for the post on my video.

Yes that was me cracking up during the video.

BTW I still have all those VHS tapes i purchased from you all those years ago. Wow has it really been 12 years?

Thanks for sharing my vid.

Neil "CigarBoB" Atkin

tsenzen said...


haha, well heres hoping the beta will help iron things out..

Anonymous said...

Derek Daniels said...

Anon: Way to go - post a link, offer nothing and post it within a topic that has nothing to do with said link. You have failed at the internet today.

omar kendall said...

Hey, I've written tons of blog posts that basically say, "I don't like this thing." Wouldn't it be cool if I just started linking those in weird places too?

I've always thought it interesting that a lot of 2d fighting game "strategy" is based on finding unintended elements (bugs) within the game and exploiting them. When I saw this Ken bug, my first reaction was, "man, that looks fun!" Hrmph.

I also think it's interesting that a remake whose creators undoubtedly went to great lengths to preserve any unintended elements from the original game would also try so steadfastly to eliminate any new unintended elements that might create new gameplay.