Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Where The Hell Is Matt?

I don't know the whole story but I do know that Matt used to work in the video game industry, specifically Pandemic.

I've heard conflicting reports but the story I heard was that Matt got rather burnt out as it seems most video game developers do. He decided to travel the world and started making youtube videos doing it. He seems to have gathered a rather huge following on Youtube and now Stride sponsors him as he travels around the world. What he is doing aside from dancing...I don't really know.

What I do know is that this video really does bring a smile - it touches my soul in some weird way. I hope you enjoy it as well.


James Everett said...

Look closely and you'll see a few game developers in places like Vancouver, Brisbane, Austin, San Francisco and Seattle :)

lion-gv said...

When I first came across these videos I watched them again and again. I cried again and again.

Nat said...

I wish I could travel to so many places. And be sponsored to. This is so very awesome. Thanks for sharing. This is also awesome. It's the Tatsunoko v. Capcom Trailer! http://www.gametrailers.com/player/usermovies/237105.html

tsenzen said...

That is one wild video :) really inspirational thanks for posting this.

toke said...

ive never been so disappointed in you

Lee said...

If anything, the video certainly gave me ideas of places I'd like to vacation to.

USpace said...

Unlike standard Multiculturalism dogma which says we should celebrate our cultural differences, Matt and his dancing videos illustrate what instead we should celebrate at least just as much if not more, our similarities, what we as humans of all cultures share in common.

Tears of joy! Incredible video. Dance everybody, dance! Matt is cool, it’s good to see that he’s still out there cruising around. Leave him a comment about his evil dancing. LOL! I’m sure he’ll appreciate it. Great job Matt! Stay safe out there! Keep dancing!
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